Technical Data
  • abrasive belt and/or brush standard with the feed
  • component thickness: max. 200 mm
  • speeds conveyor belt : 5 and 10 m/min., high quality non-slip feed belt
  • the spirally grooved contact roller (70°SH v = 20 m/sec or 40°SH, v = 10 m/sec) for more effective cooling and longer abrasive life
  • the electrical switch board:

–    main switch with minima and emergency stop

–    therm.-magnet. safeties for the motors

–    hand-served switches

  • rubber pressure rollers in front and after each unit
  • min. component length type K (roller Ø 122): 190 mm (T-200&300) 210 mm (T-650)B (brush Ø 200): 250 mmTB (top brush 4(T-200/300)-8(T-650) x Ø 163 mm): 250 mm
  • machines for shorter sanding lengths are also available
  • simple adjustment
  • colours RAL 7024 + 7035
  • machine delivered without abrasive belt and/or brush
Type Motor PK Weight kg
T-200-K 5.5+0.7 500
T-200-2K (2×5.5)+0.7 800
T-200-3K (3×5.5)+0.7 1450
T-300-K 7.5+0.7 600
T-300-2K (2×7.5)+0.7 1000
T-300-3K (3×7.5)+0.7 1700
T-650-K 11+0.7 950
T-650-2K 1(2×11)+0.7 1450
T-650-3K (3×11)+0.7 2200


K   = 1 x contact roller     2K = 2 x contact roller   3K = 3 x contact roller   4 K = 4 x contact roller

  • T01. pneumatic belt oscillation (standard T-300&T-650 – recommended at T-200 and for machines with more belts)
  • T02. pneumatic belt tension (standard T-650)
  • T03. compressed air safety device
  • T04. abrasive belt against the feed instead of with the feed (only 1 direction is possible)
  • T05. contact roller 40° SH instead of 70° SH + speed abrasive belt 10m/sec instead of 20 m/sec
  • T06. contact roller Ø 102 instead of 122(onlyT-200/300) (min. component length: 160 mm)
  • T07. ammeter for the main motors
  • T08. two speed pulley for abrasive belt motor 5,5 or 7,5 KW speed abrasive belt 10+20m/sec
  • T09. variable speed abrasive belt or brush motor 5,5 KW
  • T10. variable speed abrasive belt motor 7,5 KW
  • T11. variable speed abrasive belt motor 11 KW
  • T12. automatic star/delta starters
  • T20. B: brush unit – with the feed – motor 5,5 KW T-200/300 spindle Ø 50-brush max. Ø200 mm (brush not incl.)T-650 speed T-200 & T-300/ 1900 rpm – speed T-650 : 1450 rpm
  • T21. 2B: 2 brush units – with the feed T-200/300 (brushes not included) T-650
  • T22. brush unit against the feed instead of with the feed
  • T23. brush unit with and against the feed
  • T25. TB: top brush unit for T-300 with 4 oscillating top brushes Ø163 (top brushes not included) n = 1500 rpm – motors 4 x 0,55 KW + 0,18 KW
    max. brush width 280mm – conveyor belt 2,5 &5 m/min instead of 5 & 10 m/min.
  • T26. 2TB: 2 top brush units for T-300 (top brushes not included)
  • T27. TB: top brush unit for T-650 with 8 oscillating top brushes Ø163 (top brushes not included) n = 1500 rpm – motors 8 x 0,55 KW + 0,18 KW – max. brush width 620 mm
  • T28.2TB: 2 top brush units for T-650 (top brushes not included)
  • T30. thickness meter, reading up to 0.1 mm/mechanical
  • T31. thickness meter, reading up to 0.1 mm/electronic
  • T32. height-adjustment by means of a motor (0,18KW) + optional T31incl.
  • T33.1. variable speed conveyor belt 3-10 m/min. (for all machines with contact roller (K) and brush (B))
  • T33.2. variable speed conveyor belt 2-6 m/min.
    (for all machines with top brushes (TB))

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